What is breville bmf600xl milk cafe milk frother

In the diet of most people in our day is part of morning coffee. And most often, this coffee is not consumed by itself, but with milk. But what a big difference between regular milk and foamed milk! The second is much tastier.

Previously, in order to get a coffee or other drink with high-quality foamed milk, it was necessary for a professional cook or shaker to put his hand to it. Things are much simpler these days.

There are many models of frothers on the market, but the breville milk cafe automatic milk frother BMF600XL performs particularly well and shows itself as the best one.

With this foamer, you can get not just an airy, large-bubble foam that will settle within two seconds, but a dense, soft and rich milk foam with tiny bubbles.

Moreover, in the case of this electric frother, the speed of preparation will please anyone, even the most fastidious lover of lattes and other drinks that use milk foam.

In addition, among the advantages of the breville bmf600xl milk cafe steel milk frother is the compact size of this device. It is in itself takes up little space on the kitchen surfaces. Well, taking into account the fact that all the parts and additional attachments are folded inside, and the power wire is stored in the base of the foamer, the attractiveness of this model for buyers increases even more.

It is also worth buying this model because the manufacturers have taken care of the accuracy of measuring the amount of milk added. To do this, there is a special scale on the frother. And on the lid there is a special hole closed with a removable cap. You can add additional ingredients to it right during the preparation of the drink, thus creating delicious milkshakes with chocolate, tea and any other additives that you like.



  1. What to pay attention to when choosing a product?

In 2020/2021, when many people have lost the opportunity to regularly drink coffee and other drinks with whipped milk outside the home, personal electric frothers have become more popular than ever. Naturally, the network has a lot of reviews, designed to help a potential buyer in choosing the best model. However, do not blindly believe each of them. Before buying a foamer, you need to pay close attention to a number of quality features of this device and make your choice, coming from them.

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First of all, of course, you should study the functionality of the model you like and find out what additional attachments and parts it is equipped with. This is logical, obvious, and hardly requires any additional explanations.

The next very important factor that should not be overlooked in any case is the reputation of the manufacturer. Knowing how long a particular manufacturer has been working on the market, reading reviews of live users and being confident in the manufacturer’s warranty obligations, it is easier to choose a truly high-quality device for the production of milk foam.

Don’t forget to find out what material the working parts of your future foam machine are made of. The durability of the material from which they are made directly depends on the duration of the service life of this device.

Not the least role is played by the physical size of the foamer and how compact it is.

Finally, each device has some additional options that you should explore, figuring out whether you need them or not.

All these important features we will consider on the example of one of the most interesting devices in the top of the frothers, breville bmf600xl milk cafe milk frother.


2.1.    Functions

Among the functions included in the breville bmf600xl cafe milk frother, there are such popular options as:

1) Production of both hot and cold foam, with the possibility of temperature adjustment, up to 160F. If desired, you can also make the foam colder than 120F;

2) Preparation of professional-quality lattes;

3) Preparation of professional-quality cappuccino;

4) Using the capabilities of the lid, you can also make professional-quality hot chocolate, Chai latte, Green tea latte and many other interesting drinks;


2.2.    Equipment

This model of the foamer is equipped with a number of useful attachments and parts, such as:

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1) Nozzle that allows you to froth latte, producing a soft, smooth, soft foam;

2) Head, allowing the foam to make a thick and creamy foam for cappuccino;

3) Special cap on the lid that allow the froth to add to milk any desired ingredients, such as chocolate or tea;

4) There is a special storage for nozzles inside the frother, no don’t take up much space;

2.3.    Manufacturer

Breville manufacturer is widely known in the world and is popular due to its approach to production. They make household appliances especially for residents of large cities, trying hard. so that it is as compact, functional and diverse in color solutions as possible. It is also important that the manufacturer uses advanced energy-saving technologies.

2.4.    Dimensions

In the ratings of foaming agents, the breville bmf600xl milk cafe milk frother sale model is also very good due to its compact dimensions. In inches, this unit measures just 6.1 x 6.4 x 10.3. The weight of the device is 3.6 pounds.

Thanks to this size, the device takes up very little valuable space on the surface of the kitchen table.

2.5.    Case / material the product is made of

The breville BMF600XL milk cafe milk frother case is made of high-quality stainless steel. This does not make the device excessively heavy in weight, but significantly improves its quality and duration of operation, in comparison with similar-looking analogues made of more brittle and soft materials.

2.6.    Other options

In addition to the basic functions that this model of foaming agent is equipped with, there are nice additional options, such as:

1) The ability to wash not only by hand, but also in the dishwasher. This is possible due to the fact that the device operates on induction heating;

2) A convenient control panel equipped with a scale for measuring the milk poured inside;

3) The ability to use any milk, including vegetable types of it;

4) With this excellent frother, you can make from one to three cups at a time;

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  1. benefit.

Having considered all the options and features of the breville bmf600xl cafe milk frother model, we can draw conclusions about the feasibility of purchasing this particular model. After all, with the help of one device, you can make several high-quality drinks at home, the regular purchase of which in cafes and restaurants is quite expensive. With this foaming agent, you can easily drink lattes, cappuccino, hot chocolate and a wide variety of drinks that require the presence of hot or cold milk foam.

The use of an electric frother reduces the labor required to make milk foam many times over. It is extremely difficult to achieve such results manually.

Also, the use of this foamer perfectly solves the problem of saving free space in the kitchen, because all the components, attachments and even the wire are stored between uses inside the device, in a specially created compartment for this purpose.

A big plus is the ability not to wash the parts of the frother and the jug itself by hand. The possibility of using a dishwasher for this purpose saves the user’s free time and protects the hands from the harmful effects of detergents.

The high-quality stainless steel from which this milk frother is made ensures that you will use it for a long time and there will be no negative changes to the case due to moisture getting on it.

Breville bmf600xl milk cafe milk frother manufacturer has proven itself very well in the market of kitchen appliances, which is an absolute plus when choosing a reliable and high-quality device.

Thus, all the functional features and additional options speak in favor of this particular model of milk frother. No wonder, it occupies the top places in the ratings among similar devices.

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