Oxo adjustable temperature kettle

It is known that the classical and well-known kettles usually heated water to the boiling point. However, for people who prefer different sorts of teas and coffees, they know that the temperature for their making and achieving the best taste should be different. For example, Americano can be brewed with water at 150F, Black coffee at 140 F, and Espresso can generally be delicious at 105 F. As for the varieties of tea, green has a rich taste at 175 Degree F, black tea with 200 F. If the temperature is not suitable for the making of a particular drink, the taste may be bland, unsaturated, tart or bitter. The development of kitchen appliances with modern technologies has taken a step forward. The functional oxo adjustable temperature kettle has appeared on the market, where the user can regulate the water temperature independently. This solves the problem of making delicious and flavorful drinks without any extra effort. Before buying such a product, let’s look at the main choosing criteria.

Functions: These kettles allow a person to choose the appropriate temperature in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit to make the perfect drink. It is also possible to automatically maintain the temperature of the liquid within the set range. The display shows the selected temperature, and with the backlight it is visible even in the dark. The kettles are equipped with an automatic shutdown during boiling. The switch-on may be blocked if there is no water. In the process of operation of the device may be blocked by the cover, which also increases safety

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Material: The quality and durability of the kettle depends on the selected material. The most common are glass, metal, and plastic. Plastic is the lightest and cheapest, but an unpleasant smell may appear. Metal models will last long enough, but the case can get very hot. Glass teapots are of sufficient quality and do not emit harmful substances. This model is the oxo on cordless glass adjustable temperature electric kettle, stainless steel.

Equipment: When choosing a suitable model, pay attention to the features. The power directly depends on the capacity. For example, up to 1500 W is suitable for kettles with a capacity of up to 1.5 liters. For two-liter kettles, the power should start from 2000 watts. The heating mode can vary in different ranges, starting from 120 F and increasing by a certain number of degrees. There can be from three to a dozen modes. The time to maintain heat can also be different, ranging from a few minutes to several hours.

Dimensions: In the assortment you can find 3 sizes of teapots (small, medium and large). The size of the oxo on adjustable temperature electric pour-over kettle is 10.4″ x 7.8″ x 13.4″.

Manufacturer: There is a wide range of different manufacturers on the market, but the most popular and professional are OXO, Redmond, Philips, Bosch, Xiaomi.

Other options: Some models have such additions as protection against boiling, delayed start, descaling filter, and others. You can boil the kettle without getting up from the sofa thanks to the presence of Bluetooth. You will not need a teapot if the manufacturer has put a special sieve in the kit for the electrical appliance.

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Оxo brew adjustable temperature electric pour-over kettle is a great option, suitable for people who prefer to enjoy hot drinks. The capacity of the kettle is 1.75 liters, and the temperature conditions are in the range from 170 to 212 F. The temperature is maintained and maintained for 30 minutes. On the dial display, you can select the desired temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius. The use of durable glass protects against overheating and damage. Thanks to the transparent glass and the backlight, you can easily control the water level. What’s more, the kettle is wireless. You can use it in the office, regardless of whether there is an outlet nearby or not. It is very convenient and practical. The kettle is small in size, so it takes up little space. With the help of a hinged lid, it is convenient to pour water into the kettle, it is convenient to wash it. Thus, the Оxo on cordless glass adjustable temperature electric kettle is a device for preparing a wide variety of drinks that require a certain temperature for proper brewing.


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