Ninja FD401: Read About Best Pressure Cooker

Stylish, functional, and innovative: Ninja FD401 Pressure Cooker

The pressure cookers could become one of the most irreplaceable pieces of equipment in any modern kitchen. However, many people, for some reason, are still reluctant to purchase one. There are still doubts about whether a pressure cooker is a really necessary tool, or if a regular stove or oven can do the same things. The answer to these questions is not that simple. Yes, your regular kitchen equipment can solve many cooking tasks, but will it do it as well as a pressure cooker? Let’s dig in and find out.


Pressure Cooker Advantages


Having a pressure cooker in your kitchen definitely has multiple advantages. First, your food will preserve most of the nutrients and will taste better. Second, a pressure cooker saves a lot of energy, since the food requires less time to be ready. This equipment will save you a lot of time that you could spend doing other things that you enjoy. It does not warm up the air in your kitchen while cooking, which is especially important during the summer months. Also, you will cook everything in one pot, which means that you will not have to do much cleaning. Last but not least, you can use a pressure cooker to preserve fruits or vegetables.


Choosing A Pressure Cooker…


The product has a lot of advantages. It is not a surprise that it is becoming more popular in 2020/2021 among modern families that do not want to waste their time cooking. As a response to the market demand, the manufacturers of the kitchen equipment keep producing different types of pressure cookers. You can always find some reviews and ratings online that will help you make the choice. However, you still need to know a few things to choose the top pressure cooker for your life.

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  • Electric or stovetop?

You might know that there are two main types of pressure cookers. The first thing that you need to think about when choosing the right kitchen device is which one you would like to choose. It makes more sense to choose the electric pressure cooker, as it can be programmed accordingly. It will save you time, as it is completely automated and efficient.


  • Is it safe?

Most modern pressure cookers are produced in accordance with all safety requirements and modern regulations. However, there are still some things that you could look at when choosing the perfect device. For example, locking lid, auto shut-off, primary and secondary pressure release.


  • What size of a pressure cooker to choose?

When choosing your kitchen assistant, keep in mind that normally you cannot fill your pressure cooker completely. Most of the models require you to keep at least a quarter of the device space empty. If we talk about beans or grains, you can only fill half of the pot, as these foods tend to become bigger when cooking. Generally, keep in mind that 1 liter of space should be enough to feed one person. If you have a bigger family, try to choose a big pressure cooker.


  • What material should I choose?

Make sure that the manufacturer used the non-stick coating when producing the pressure cooker of your choice. This coating will help you cook healthier and avoid using grease and oil when cooking. Nevertheless, keep in mind that you have to treat your pressure cooking carefully to extend its service.

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  • What about pressure settings?

A good pressure cooker should provide at least two pressure options. Of course, there are devices that offer you to enjoy ten or more different settings. The high pressure for products that require a longer time to be cooked (meat, beans, grains) and low pressure for eggs, fish, and veggies.


Ninja FD401: The Best Possible Pressure Cooker


Now that you know what to pay attention to when choosing your kitchen assistant, you will definitely appreciate this tip. Ninja Foodi FD401 is a perfect pressure cooker that features all important qualities for a good device.


This pressure cooker has been produced in accordance with all safety regulations. Ninja FD401 Foodi is great for a big family with its 8-quart cooking capacity that is enough to feed up to 8 people. This device is very flexible, as it has nine different regimes that you could use to make various meals. Also, its innovative technology allows you to get your meal fried in a healthy way.


You might want to ask if it is any better than the older models of pressure cookers. In Ninja Foodi FD401 vs FD402 competition, there will be no winner. Those two models are pretty identical. The only difference is that FD401 comes with a smaller recipe book. Therefore, if you have to make this choice, you could choose the model that is available in your region.


If we compare Ninja FD401 vs OP401, we will find out that those models feature quite similar qualities and sizes. However, FD401 is providing a better and more stylish design that will compliment any kitchen.

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You already know how to choose a good pressure cooker and why this device has to be fitted into any kitchen. Ninja FD401 is one of the great devices that features all qualities, necessary for a good kitchen assistant. Nine cooking regimes, good ergonomics, its stylish and modern design make this device a great choice in 2020/2021.





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