Mushrooms cooked in air fryer

Buying a deep fryer, many do not imagine that it is possible to cook with it. Most often, the choice is limited exclusively to meat dishes and various kinds of nuggets. However, the possibilities of a high-quality aerogrill go far beyond such limited use. In particular, you can make vegetables and mushrooms amazingly delicious with the help of this kitchen assistant. We will turn to vegetables, in all their variety, next time, and today we will take a detailed look at a simple, but very effective result of cooking mushrooms. There are many recipes for making sliced champignons, but they often turn out, although attractively crispy, but still too dry. But the preparation of juicy whole mushrooms with the help of an aerogrill, and even pre-marinated in a delicious elementary marinade-by choosing this cosori air fryer recipes, you will get not only a dish of wonderful taste, but also very healthy for everyone!

After all, cooked whole mushrooms will not overcook, turning into pork rinds, but will retain their juiciness and pleasant aroma. ьма What are the ingredients required for this dish? First, of course, mushrooms. It is better to choose approximately the same mushrooms of a small size, so that they can easily fit into the basket of the aerogrill and cook at the same speed. So, you need to take: 1. Champignons-500 g

For the marinade:

  1. Soy sauce – 2 tablespoons
  2. Vegetable oil – 2 tablespoons
  3. Lemon juice-1 teaspoon
  4. Paprika-0.5 teaspoons
  5. Garlic (optional) – 1-2 cloves
  6. Salt – to taste

1) The first step is to prepare the mushrooms. The preparation is to clean them from the dirt. Please note that if you wash them with water, they will become less fragrant and tasty in the end. It is best to wipe them with napkins – so the aroma will remain, and this procedure is usually enough for cleaning. After cleaning, the mushrooms should be put either in a bag or in a bowl large enough to allow them to be freely mixed.

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2) Preparation of the marinade Here everything is also very simple. After canceling these ingredients, mix them together. The only thing worth paying a little attention to is garlic. It should be cut as finely as possible, but it is not worth grinding. It is enough to finely chop it and mix it with the rest of the marinade ingredients.

3) After that, add the marinade to a large bowl with mushrooms, or mix them in a bag. We leave the mushrooms to marinate for at least half an hour, however, you can leave them for more than an hour – this way the final taste will be even more saturated.

4) When the required time has passed, turn on the cosori air fryer and warm it up to 180 degrees. Then carefully put the pickled mushrooms in the basket. It is better to do this not with your hands, but with metal tongs, so you will be less likely to get burned on a preheated fryer. We spread the mushrooms in one layer, so that there is very little space between them. If all do not fit, it is better to cook in several batches. Then the mushrooms will not be able to stick together and as a result you will get not only a very tasty, but also an extremely attractive-looking dish.

5) The cooking process takes only 15-20 minutes. After that, we open our aerogrill and carefully (best of all, using all the same tongs) takes out the finished mushrooms.

6) If all the pickled mushrooms do not fit in one basket, then you should clean it from traces of marinade. It is necessary to do this, so that the remains of the marinade from the first portion do not burn during the preparation of the second portion and do not spoil its taste in this way. When the basket is cleared, heat the cosori air fryer and put the rest in it, following the same instructions described above for the first portion. After another 15 minutes, carefully remove the finished mushrooms from the fryer.

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Now they can be neatly and beautifully laid out on a large plate, decorated with fresh herbs on top and served on the table. They are very tasty both hot and after cooling down. Moreover, this type of mushrooms is great for serving as a snack, and as an independent dish. As a side dish, mashed potatoes are perfect.

Bon appetit to you and your family!

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