Juicy meatballs cooked in air fryer

With the help of an aerogrill, you can prepare a variety of dishes. Meat snacks are especially popular. It’s so easy to use cosori air fryer to prepare a dish that you can feed and please a whole large group of friends. At the same time, such dishes are very easy to prepare, if you use this kitchen assistant. As you know, it is very easy to cook nuggets, wings, mushrooms in an aerogrill, but there is another very interesting recipe that we would like to share with you today. Namely, juicy meatballs cooked in a deep fryer. they are very tender and soft inside, but have a crisp golden crust. This meat snack is incredibly satisfying, looks attractive and is prepared very easily.

A little ground beef, a little ground pork, a little white bread soaked in milk, onions and eggs-these are all the main ingredients of this dish. Of course, even in the process, spices and spices that you prefer are added. But if you like lean dishes, then you can not add them at all. Since this recipe originally came from Swedish cuisine, you can surprise your friends by serving ready-made meatballs along with lingonberry jam. However, if you do not have one, this dish will be perfectly combined with a variety of other sauces and complement a variety of soft drinks.

Take the following ingredients:

2 slices of white bread

0.5 cup milk

220 grams of ground beef

220 grams of minced pork

1/4 part of the onion, which will need to be carefully grated

3/4 tsp ground allspice

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1 large egg

Cooking spray (to spray it on the surface of the aerogrill basket) Lingonberry jam for serving (if you don’t have it, you can safely experiment with sauces, because these meatballs are suitable for a lot of things)

1) To start, take a medium-sized bear, put white bread in it and pour milk. In this way, our bread will be soaked for about 5 minutes. After the time is up, I take out the soaked bread, gently squeeze out the excess milk from it, but also tear the wet bread into small pieces, each of them so that it is no more than one bite.

2) The resulting bread must then be mixed with ground beef and ground pork. Add the onion to the mixture, which was previously grated on a medium grater, break a large egg, add salt and a small amount of pepper, to taste. All this mixture is once again well mixed, until a homogeneous mass is obtained. Then from this mass we mold small meat balls, each of them to be about the size of a tablespoon. Many people may want to use a blender, which is so common in the kitchen these days. However, this should not be done, since the mass crushed with a blender will not have the same consistency, as you need for these meatballs and you will simply find it difficult to form balls.

As you can see, all these actions are very easy and do not require any additional labor or professionalism. Everyone can do it and not make a mistake.

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4) Now you need to prepare for using the cosori air fryer. To do this, you just need to sprinkle the basket of aerogrill with cooking spray. After that, turn it on and warm it up to 180 degrees. in the process of warming up, you can begin to put the resulting balls of meatballs on the bottom of the fryer basket. as always when cooking, it is better to put semi-finished products on the hot surface of the fryer not with your bare hands, but with additional devices, such as cooking tongs or, if you do not have them, at least with a spoon. Putting as many meatballs in the basket as possible, make sure that they do not lie too tightly to each other, because in the process of cooking they will need to be shaken right in the deep fryer, so you need to have a little free space between them.

4) After spreading out all the meatballs, close the air grill and cook them at a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes. It is useful to shake the fryer basket a couple of times in the middle and at the end of cooking. This allows the meatballs to fry as evenly as possible.

After ten minutes of cooking, we open our air grill and take out the ready-made meatballs, I try not to burn myself. Now they can be neatly laid out on a plate, decorated with herbs, vegetables that you love. And some people like to pierce a few meatballs with a long skewer and serve them in this form. If you serve them with skewers, then this will be an additional convenience, because you do not have to get your hands or cutlery dirty during the meal.

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Bon appetit to you and your friends! Come to read and explore our other cosori air fryer recipes.

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