Cuisinart Electric Griddle: Cleaning Is Not Complicated

The party is jumping, people are happy and enjoying themselves, the food is served. And only one person seems to be sad. You have just cooked a lot of meals using your Cuisinart electric griddle, and now you cannot stop thinking about cleaning it. Does this feel familiar to you?


We understand your frustration. The electric griddle cannot be put in a dishwasher, as you would do with most of the dishes. It is not allowed to use soap for cleaning it once used. Meanwhile, the griddle seems greasy and it does not look possible to make it clean again without using special appliances.


Do not worry, cleaning your Cuisinart electric griddle is actually simpler than it might seem at a first sight. You will have to follow a few simple rules and purchase a product that will help you clean your griddle in just a few seconds!

How To Care About Cuisinart Electric Griddle?

Taking care of your Cuisinart electric griddle is not difficult at all. However, before you even use it, you have to make sure that you use it correctly. A “right” seasoning is a key to success. Basically, the seasoning is something that makes the griddle surface non-stick. Therefore you should always use oil when preparing your meals with the electric griddle.

Cleaning Cuisinart Electric Griddle

If you think that cleaning the Cuisinart electric griddle is complicated, we have good news to share. The Cuisinart CCK-358 Griddle Cleaning Kit is a great tool that will help take good care of your electric appliance.

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While you cannot use soap to clean the Cuisinart griddle, the CCK-358 cleaning kit provides all the necessary tools for effective cleaning. The kit includes five items.


  1. Sturdy scraper for removing grease and food debris
  2. Cleaning handle provides leverage on griddle pad when cleaning
  3. 4 cleaning pads help to remove burnt-on food and grease
  4. 3 cleaning screens for easy removal of baked-on residue
  5. Squirt bottle to apply water or vegetable oil to the cleaning pad


All necessary tools for cleaning your Cuisinart electric griddle can now be found in one place! Thanks to the CCK-358 kit, cleaning your appliance will take just a few minutes. You no longer need to worry about the grease or burnt-on food.

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