Breville BMF 600 XL Milk Cafe Milk Frother Hot Chocolate

What could be better than spending the nights with a cup of hot chocolate while watching a favorite movie? Being a favorite drink of many, hot chocolate might be difficult to make. All those ready mixtures do not provide that authentic flavor that we all loved in our childhood. Luckily, with the new kitchen appliances, it is getting easier to make the drink, loved by many. Let’s make fragrant hot chocolate using Breville BMF 600 XL milk cafe milk frother.




Sugar – 2 oz (if you like it sweet)

Dark chocolate – 4 oz

Cornstarch – 1 tbsp

Water – 17 oz

Milk – 8 oz

Edible decorations – to taste


Making Hot Chocolate With Breville BMF 600 XL Milk Frother

First, you are going to need to make the chocolate base for your drink. Break the chocolate into smaller pieces and mix it with approximately 12 oz of water. If you like your drinks sweet, add the sugar to taste. Melt the chocolate into the water over low heat.


Meanwhile, mix the rest of the water with the cornstarch. Mix really well to make sure that cornstarch is fully dissolved. When the chocolate mixture starts boiling, gradually pour the cornstarch water into it. Bring to boil once again. Your chocolate base is ready.


Now, it is time to get your milk ready. Put together the Breville BMF 600 XL milk cafe milk frother. You are going to need the cappuccino frothing disc. Pour the milk into a jug. Turn your frother on to the maximum temperature.

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After a couple of minutes, add three tablespoons of the chocolate base. Continue to heat for approximately 5 minutes.  Pour into a heatproof cup. Serve with your favorite decorations.

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